Monday, April 11, 2005

Sprig Muslin

Georgette Heyer

I think I am working towards reading Heyer's entire catalog. Which is fine with me so far, because three books in, I am enjoying her immensely. You know, I keep running across links that refer to Heyer as a romance novelist, but I don't think that is true at all. Her books are nowhere near as one-dimensional and predictable as romances are.

These are light books with elements of romance, but Heyer's got a lot more depth and interest than calling her a romance novelist would suggest.

This was a little less satisfying than the first two, because the primary relationship slash conflict that kicks off the book was backburnered entirely too much for my taste, in favor of a madcap adventure plot that made me very much like the male half of the primary relationship, but which left all of the evolution of that relationship off the page, and the female half kind of an affable mystery.

There was also the startling and obnoxious cliché of the headstrong beautiful girl who needs a strong and caring man to take her in hand, and that left me sort of gaping, and yet, it was easy to dismiss it as of its time, a quaint relic.

That said, the characters were as engaging and well-drawn as ever, and Heyer is wonderful at creating distinct voices and and a whole lot of comedy. Hooray for the comedy.


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