Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fool Moon

Jim Butcher

So this was bad. Not fun bad, or entertaining bad, or trashy bad, but just bad. Boy howdy, do I hate the main character, who I continually wanted to punch in the face. I think he is supposed to be macho and tough and outrageously cool and isn't awesome how principled and awesome he is? Except it isn't, because he is irritating and preachy and snotty and full of himself, and I hate him and the story went on forever and he kept being an asshole, and when he dresses so badly and acts so poorly and is so irritating, how does he get insanely beautiful women to love him? I think the answer, my friends, is Mary fucking Sue.

I'm going to give one more of these a try, before I throw up my hands in disgust, but I do not have high hopes.


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