Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hart & Boot & Other Stories

Tim Pratt

Oh, this was so good. A collection of stories that is imaginative, weird and fun in the way that something extra-imaginative and inventive can be. Tim is creating his own mythologies, and in that way I can see why he is compared to Neil Gaiman, but the writing styles are so different – Tim’s is much more straightforward and frank, I think, and I was thinking about how he generally likes a happy ending, which I am so down with, until I got to Tyrant in Love because whoa.

Rarely, I like every story in a collection – this time I liked every story, and loved some in particular. Living with the Harpy is Tim believing in happy endings; Hart and Boot has one of my favorite endings ever and showcases his strong female leads; Dream Engine was weird and marvelous, and Cup and Table just blew me away – spectacularly epic, such a good last line. And his author photo cracked me up.


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