Monday, April 02, 2007

I read a lot on vacation

It was what I did when I wasn't writing (which means it was pretty much the perfect fucking vacation). I have mostly forgotten everything but my very basic reactions to these books (Yay! Boo! What?) but I like to note them down so later, when I forget everything including the names of my grandchildren and what the things on the ends of my legs are called, I can look back fondly on my blog and go "Blargle!" which my nurse will interpret as a cry for more oatmeal. Anyway. See below.


Blogger Jae Baeli said...

Is this you, Jen? the Jen of Jenfu? IF it is, I'm happy to have tracked you down again. You were often the bright spot in my day.

You may not recall, but i am also a writer-i have 10 books and one screenplay published with a small press.

I have always loved your writing, and am anxious to have a print copy of whatever book you are working on.

Best to you!
Kelli Jae Baeli

1:39 PM  

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