Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Devil Wears Prada

Lauren Weisberger

This was a wretched book, and it could have been so good. It was full of inaccuracies, misstatements, ridiculousness, wretched, uneven, wildly inconsistent characterization, and some really crappy writing. But it could have been fun – it was a light listen for standing on the Precor and trying to keep myself from crying. It had Fashion! and Excitement! And gossip and silliness in. It could have been something.

And it was at first. But at the end, I found myself really fucking hating the main character. The book’s about a fresh-out-of -college unfashionable girl who accidentally gets a job working for the entirely insane editor in chief of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazine. It could have been a collision course with wackiness.

You should have sympathized entirely with the bullshit that this girl had to put up with, the unreasonable demands that her boss makes, the terrible pressure this girl is under, except that she keeps doing stupid shit. She keeps fucking up. And she keeps acting like it’s entirely unfair that she gets in trouble for being a fucktard, and I wanted to kill her and her stupid stupidness.

I laughed aloud a number of times, because there are parts where the boss is genuinely unreasonable in a wildly entertaining way. But for the most part, the book was just plain irritating, the main character’s holier-than-thou attitude towards the whole industry tiresome, and her obvious fascination with the same industry annoying as hell. We won’t even talk about the entirely forgettable, crappy side-plots about the chick’s friends, and the ridiculous and painful ending that was just so stupid. Stupid! Stupid!

Anyway. Not worth even being a trash read.


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